Scope of the contract
The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between and customers who commission the services of

Services covered by this agreement
The nature of the contract is the placement of followers, subscribers, likes, etc. on social networks such as Instagramm, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The characteristics of the individual services are to be taken from the respective offers found on

Concluding Contracts
The offers on do not constitute a binding offer for the conclusion of the contract, but rather an invitation to the customer to make an order. Contracts are confirmed by at the time of the execution of the contract by, subject to conditions. The individual technical steps that lead to the conclusion of the contract are the following: To submit an offer, the customer first selects the respective social network, the number of desired followers, comments or similar, indicates the destination URL and presses the button “Order for a fee”. Before an order is purchased, the customer receives an overview of the information about the order. At this stage amendments can be made, e.g. input errors, and can be corrected by pressing the back function of his Internet browser.

Contract language, storage of the contract text
Contract language is German. Apart from these Terms and Conditions, there is no storage of the contract text, or for individual orders.

Terms of payment
The payment method PayPal is used. As part of the PayPal payment, payment by direct debit or credit card is possible.

Delivery time
The service is provided online depending on the amount of followers ordered, comments and the respective social network within about 1 – 7 days – in some cases up to 40 days, see details on – after receipt of payment (for PayPal payments upon receipt on the PayPal account of*).

Statutory warranty, customer service
There is a statutory warranty for the services offered (mediation of Facebook likes or YouTube views and similar in the number specified in the offer text). This is governed by ยงยง 634 ff. BGB and the regulations of the BGB referred to therein. A customer service does not exist on the part of the seller.

Final provisions
For customers, the court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship with the provider is the registered office of the provider. Serbian law applies to the contractual relationship. If the contracting party is a consumer, statutory provisions of the country of residence of the contracting party for the protection of consumers remain unaffected. The UN Sales Convention does not apply.